Sunday, April 9, 2023

Das Bevo Murals

One of the reasons I wanted to resurrect my blog is to set an example of curiosity and pursuit of knowledge for Lilly. What is that? Let's find out! Bevo Mill/Das Bevo is one of those things she has been asking about for awhile, so we decided to do Easter brunch here. I remember coming here for Easter brunch when I was a kid, and how fancy it felt. It did not disappoint on fanciness today! After we ate, she asked me to just sit on the couch with her, soaking it all in.

I know attention spans have shorted since Craves, Caves, & Graves retired in 2014, so I'm not going to do lengthy photo tours this time around. Returning to Blogger also means I don't have fancy features like photo galleries, without refreshing my html skills, and I came back here for a simpler interface! Instead, let's just focus on one feature today: the murals. 

These hand painted ceramic murals are in the Mill Room. They were created at Berlin Porcelain Works in 1890, and we're originally installed at Tony Faust's Oyster House downtown. When Faust's closed in 1916, August Busch, Sr paid $50,000 for the pair! Thanks to the Schuchards for being the current caretakers of this beautiful piece of St Louis history!

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