Sunday, April 23, 2023

Shop Update

We're trying to streamline and simplify this year, and one of our redundancies was having two online shops. Nearly all of my handmade sales actually happen in the What a Hell of a Way to Die shop, and it was silly to keep paying Wix for a Peppers Ghost Tales shop that only had a couple sales a year, and trying to keep separate inventory.

Now you'll find all my popular handmade items over at the Hell of a Way podcast shop, and the Shop link on my menu will take you straight to that section. If you found us at the St Louis Science Center First Friday event and are looking for a specific item, leave a comment and I'll get it added to the shop. We've also added a "notify me" option for restocks, and you'll always get an email 24 hours before we post anything about the restock on social media. Thanks for visiting!

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