Monday, June 19, 2023

The Privilege of Shade

We're starting a 30 day "Sunlight Before Noon" challenge today after listening to the Daily Jay on Calm yesterday. People spend 90% of their day indoors these days, but our bodies need sunlight to function properly! 

Did you know you can still get the UVB rays you need to make vitamin D in the shade? Today on our walk we talked about the privilege of shade. We live in a small pocket of small homes with a good amount of owner occupants, and we have TONS of street trees. We dog the city when a street tree needs maintenance and know how to ask for replacement trees on the city website. Walk a couple blocks to a busier street with many apartments, and it's unrelenting sun. 

Have you noticed this before? Look around you when you're in an area with no street trees and see who is living there. One notable exception to this is brand new subdivisions, but think about how many old trees they took out to build houses. We've watched this happen with the new McBride subdivision on Union in South County.

Now, what do we do about this? How do we bring shade to people who are baking in the sun?

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