Friday, July 21, 2023

City Foundry Food Hall

We had an Ikea order to pick up and it's pay day, which means City Foundry Food Hall! The food hall is honestly an expensive night out, but everyone can eat completely different cuisines and you're supporting many small, often minority owned, restaurants. 

Honestly, once I tasted the shrimp and grits from 4Hens, I couldn't say a word about my total bill. There's only one word for this, and that is CRAVABLE.

Lilly opted for the kids cheese pizza from Fordo's Killer Pizza. She took down all 3 slices, so it was worth it. 

Francis went for I'll Have What She's Having from Subdivision. The ingredients sound like a turkey club, and he said it was "fantastic".

For dessert, we shared a churro waffle from Pressed Waffle Co, which everyone agreed is to die for. Their savory waffles are great, too. 

Some other spots we have tried here are Hello Poke (just ok) and STL Toasted (amazing dessert ravioli). This is a great option for a group that can't agree on where to go!

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