Bread Machine Oops - Let's Make Croutons!

Now that Lil has moved up in Irish dance and has 90 minutes of lessons on Sundays, Francis and I have gotten into the habit of a Sunday date at Savers. We used to go antiquing, but we've gotten cheaper in our old age, and more people our age are have twee antique mall booths where nothing is a bargain anymore. The real deals are at the thrift stores! We pick up board games, puzzles, books for our Little Free Library, and the occasional houseware. A couple of weeks ago we found a practically new Sunbeam Bread Machine for $9.99, and we had a coupon, taking it down to $8! Neither of us ever had a bread machine on our wish list, but you can't deny that kind of value if you eat bread. It really is as easy to use as we had always heard, but there are still ways it can go wrong. Today was one of those days.

Oops, our first whole wheat loaf rose too much today. It may take a couple more tries before we figure out what went wrong (it could be a few different things) but we turned lemons into lemonade, or rather, an ugly loaf of bread into croutons.

I'm not going to prattle on so long that you need a "jump to recipe" button. Here's the deal: 1. Shred or cube that ugly loaf of bread 2. Toss it with 1/4 cup olive oil and seasonings of your choice. We used Tastefully Simple Spinach and Herb because we didn't have any Italian seasoning on hand, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. 3. Spread them out on a parchement paper lined baking sheet and put them in a 375° oven for 15-20 min. Stir them up halfway through.

That's it! I imagine you really just need to know the oven temperature and the rest is kind of "to your liking." Ours turned out perfectly for using in soup this week. And yes, you CAN freeze homemade croutons!