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Bye Bye Boss Babe

Happy New Year! I'm not usually one for resolutions, but this year I resolve to make a Sunday blog post. I thought about starting a Substack, but I might as well use the tools I am paying for here (for the shop). Speaking of which, I'm planning to have a lot more fun stuff there this year. I love cat butt coasters and Yip Yips and dice bags and just making stuff that makes people's faces light up with joy at First Friday The title of this blog post is "Bye Bye Boss Babe" because I'm over the hustle mindset. We're not ending anything, I just don't want to have need a topic, tip, theme, or TikTok before I write a blog. I don't want to think about SEO. I don't need to monetize everything. I want the heyday of Livejournal. No hate on anyone else's hustle or influencing, I just want to live my life without thinking so much about branding. In that vein, I'm also going to stop "separating brands". I sell travel and specialize in the major theme parks, and am expanding into cruising, and I love it. Francis has a very successful podcast, What a Hell of a Way to Die, which is considered "leftist" even though they talk about more than politics. Some of his people follow me on Instagram, some of my people follow him on Twitter. I sell tons of my silly handmade stuff through his shop. It's all intertwined at this point and frankly, if you're mad at Disney for being "too woke", or you think cruise ships are the worst thing on earth,

So all that out of the way, what have we been up to this week? Francis had a week off work, and we've mostly spent it on responsible adult stuff. The drain pipe for our kitchen sink fell apart the night before Christmas Eve. Not cold weather related, but everyone and their brother needed emergency plumbing because of the cold snap, so that was a challenge. I just have this feeling that the cabinets may not be salvageable once this repair is done, so I've been frantically putting together a kitchen plan on Ikea's designer and drawing out our ideas for Lowe's. I want to have a plan ready to go when we pull the cabinets off the wall, just in case. While we wait, we have also been tackling a very smexy pantry remodel with cabinet slide-outs ordered from Amazon.

After First Friday Harry Potter, I doubled down on finishing my temperature blanket project. As much as I enjoyed the project, I knew I did not want to carry it over into 2023. vEach color represents a 10 degree range of high temperature, or days we were traveling and slept away from home. I have tried this project several times before, but I started this year with a very detailed plan, and I'm pleased it worked out! I also finished a snood for myself, loosely using this pattern, but Caron Latte Cakes yarn.

I finished the year with 63 books read, most of them cozy mysteries (newly discovered in 2022), YA and Urban Fantasy. My favorites of the year were Vicki Delany's Sherlock Holmes Bookshop series (which got me to read or listen to many of the original books and stories, as well as rewatch the BBC Sherlock), Jonathan Stroud's Lockwood & Co series (I may reread again this year, they are that good), and I've been tearing through Patrica Briggs Mercy Thompson series. Her Alpha & Omega series is one of my all-time favorite, but there are not many of them compared to Mercy (same universe). For whatever reason, I couldn't get into the Mercy books years ago, but I love them now. I wish I could take back all the hours I wasted watching the Anita Blake books go over a cliff, and just pretend I loved Mercy all along. (IYKYK)

What we're watching right now: I wanted to watch Northern Exposure again so bad that I finally bought a DVD player. We've all gotten so hooked on streaming we've lost track of some of the amazing shows that will never stream because of music rights, and Northern Exposure is one of those. So much of the show revolves around Chris at the radio station that taking the music out would be a crime. It's also neat to see so much Native representation on a show that is 30 years old, and to see it improve over the course of the series. I found an interview with Elaine Miles, who played Marilyn, on this topic.

Next week I'll share some details about our new year homeschooling and some of the travel plans we're considering! Fingers crossed we know where we're heading with the kitchen and selling the rental house, too.

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