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Homeowners Wish List

What would you do with a million dollars? Like for REAL. I know you're tempted to say, like, Bora Bora or a mansion or whatever. But when it comes down to it, what would improve your daily life? I was thinking about this as I dragged 50' of hose across the yard to water the garden beds. So here we go, this is what I would do with extra money: 1. Fix the backyard spigot. Someone did some DIY nonsense that means a real plumber needs to do some repairs to keep it from leaking into the basement. 2. As long as we're on it, install drip irrigation. We add new garden beds every year, and it's becoming too much to ask someone else to water when we travel. 3. Pay off the shed we're about to build in the backyard. I'm excited to finally have external office space for growing businesses, but it doesn't come for free.

4. Buy really expensive, ergonomic desk and chair for my new office. This mom bod cannot handle working at a table with a cheap Ikea chair anymore. Once upon a time I worked at a Steelcase dealer and had a Leap Chair, and it ruined me for life.

5. Reglaze the bathroom. Honestly, this might be my number 1 if someone dumped a pile of money in my lap. The tile is in good shape but the grout, caulk, and paint (yeah it's brown tile painted white) are not and need professional attention and I feel like I live in a crappy apartment, not a house I own. (Update: We just recently learned about Miracle Method and they are coming out next month.)

6. Replace the kitchen floor, if not the entire kitchen. A contractor did a TERRIBLE patch job, and didn't have the skills to do it right, but I never found someone who would come out to do this tiny repair. Now we need to replace the whole floor because it has shifted so much. (note to self: current front-runner is Shaw Matrix. Link is from Lowes because as much as we complained about them in the flooring industry, independent flooring dealers need to STEP UP THEIR INTERNET GAME. Which I was telling them to do 18 years ago. EIGHTEEN. YEARS.)

7. Replace the front door. I hate it doesn't have a window, it makes me feel boxed in even though we have a lot of windows. Santa Baby, 3/4 light with blinds between the glass, for me!

8. Have someone professionally landscape our front lawn. We're "food not lawns" people, but I don't have a good track record with landscaping a hill.

9. Most of these are small potatoes but if I came into a SIGNIFICANT amount of money I'd pay someone to finish the entire basement. Design me something magical and then do all the work.

What's on your list?

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