Pink Elephant Antique Mall

We've been busy over here with The Great Rearranging - when you realize that you put everything in the wrong place when you moved in, and it's not working. Eventually, we'll be sharing our "He Shed" project, which will be Francis's new office. Then Lilly will get a new bedroom (complete with Fukumaru cat wall), and I will finally get MY OWN OFFICE! I haven't had a space 100% to myself in over a decade. The shed project has been frustrating beyond belief. It is so hard to find good contractors right now, and this project was no exception. We've lost several weekends to delays and now it's too hot to work on the interior finished, so we've been doing some little road trips and other indoor projects. A few weeks ago when we were feeling frustrated with Missouri on top of everything else that is going on, we decided to see how long we can keep ourselves entertained ONLY going to Illinois. Maybe we'll even move there some day! We started with a return to the Pink Elephant Antique Mall, just an hour or so from St Louis. The Pink Elephant Antique Mall started out as a simple antique mall inside an old high school, with a few giant roadside attractions outside. Over the years they have added more and more, plus expanded their offerings with a little diner/ice cream shop on one side, and a fudge shop on the other side. You can't have a roadside attraction without fudge!

I won't get into detail about the inside - if you like antique malls, this is definitely one worth stopping at, but the pictures won't really stand out from any other. The real fun is on the outside! When I posted some pics on Instagram, several people messaged me about the giant Trump outside and said it had kept them from stopping there. Let's just get this out of the way: There's a sign on it that says, "Not a political statement. Love him or hate him, still a great photo op!" So there you go.

My favorite thing outside is the "UFO" - also known as a Futuro House! Designed as a portable ski chalet, these tiny dwellings have a cult following up there with Lustron houses. The one at the Pink Elephant is gutted on the inside but there are many all over the world used as homes, and 19 of them are in the USA. One is even on Airbnb! (THAT just went on my bucket list!)

I was happy to see Beach Guy, who was on my Craves, Caves, & Graves business cards for years, is still there. New to the scene is Uniroyal Gal, now a waitress. I remembered that Twistee Treat as being freestanding last time they were there, but now they have kind of built a diner behind it that connects it to the main building. You can order at an outside window, or enter through the antique mall if you need a shopping break. There are lots of other "big things" and novelties scattered around the property. It's worth stopping as a break on a road trip to stretch your legs, or as a day trip from STL! The Pink Elephant Antique Mall is open 7 days a week from 9:30-5.