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Prime Day!

First let me say: there should be no billionaires and Bezos/Amazon need to pay their fair share of taxes. Fully agree with that. But... I have to admit Amazon is pretty great at what they do. Believe me, I always try to get it locally first, or order direct, but they have added a LOT of value to our homeschooling when I can't find something anywhere else.

Second, if you want to offset your Amazon guilt, make sure you set up Smile. Ours is set to donate to the Osage Nation Foundation, because theirs is the land we live on. Check out their collection of ornaments in their shop!) Love it or hate it, Amazon Affiliates program is what many bloggers rely on to offset some of the costs of hosting a website, and we are no different. We also appreciate you supporting our own shop! Not a Prime member yet? Start a 30 day Free Trial to get access to Prime Day deals! Prime is more than just 2 day shipping. In addition music, movies, and TV, they also have Prime Reading now, and you also get a free GrubHub membership for a year! There's also a $10 credit when you explore Prime benefits and collect stamps before July 13.

Now that we have all that out of the way, what is the Peppers Ghost Tales crew waiting for on Prime Day? I'm not going to pretend we're waiting for the latest televisions and computers. We're watching for BOOOOOOOKS! Namely, Kindle Paperwhites. We thrift a lot of books (20+ a week for our Little Free Library), and go to the public library at least once a week, but we also read a lot - A LOT - of ebooks in this house. Lilly has read almost 2000 books on Epic!, and that's with extremely limited screentime. Since Amazon has Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited, and also connects to our library system with Libby, the Paperwhite is an excellent option for kids & grownups who JUST want to read, without the distractions of apps, notifications, and a camera. There is also Kindle Kids version that comes with a year of Amazon Kids+ but we had that with a Fire Kids tablet and I didn't love Amazon Kids+ or the Fire Kids. It doesn't work with soooooo many apps (like Epic!) but also includes a whole lot of junkie TV that you can't restrict. As I was poking around looking for travel related deals (like my Packing For Theme Parks post), I discovered Amazon Explore. Whaaaaaat is this? Local hosts livestreaming local landmarks, teaching skills, and even shopping with you?? Has anyone tried it out yet? I'll report back on this soon!

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