St Louis Animal Shelter Flood Relief

You may have heard we had some record-breaking rainfall in St Louis this past week, which resulted in catastrophic flash flooding in St Louis. We saw anywhere from 8-12" of rain in just 1 day. Lil got a new weather station kit when we visited the Illinois State Museum, and the 10cm rain gauge was filled in just one night! There was terrible flash flooding, with many people displaced. These are not areas that typically flood, so most of these people and businesses never considered flood insurance. Way back when, in the Flood of 93, my family signed up to foster displaced pets. We ended up a "failed foster" to a puppy we named Levee, who lived 12 spoiled rotten years in the lap of luxury. I follow so many shelters and wish we could foster right now, but there is no room at this inn. We also do not have much extra money right now since we're in the middle of building a new office. Feeling very restless and powerless this week, I started making cat butts. We have First Friday at the Science Center next week, and Francis's podcast fans buy tons of these coasters, so I decided to donate $1 of every cat butt to local shelters throughout the month of August.

I know many people prefer to donate directly, so I collected up some info about the shelters with damage that I'm aware of and the rescues that are helping them. If you know of more, let me know in the comments! Humane Society of Missouri - My parents walked dogs for HSMO for years and now Lil and I do Shelter Buddies, where we read to cats & dogs. We <3 HSMO! The Best Buddy Center in Maryland Heights lost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and food when they flooded.

Gateway Pet Guardians - Their own shelter is ok but they are helping the municipal shelter for this area, St Clair County Animal Control, which had 10" of water and had to clear out. They ALWAYS need more fosters. Always. They are in East St Louis and helping displaced families in the area with their pets. Helping Strays of Monroe County - I'm not familiar with them but GPG recommended adding them to our list! They are also helping with the animals evacuated from St Clair County Animal Control. Belleville Area Humane Society - Also helping with the SCCAC animals Stray Paws Rescue - This shelter in St Peters flooded, and tragicially, they lost some puppies. They need help cleaning up and getting back on their feet. Stray Rescue of St Louis - Stray Rescue is like the rock star of St L

ouis shelters, and by that I mean I probably wouldn't donate money to Mick Jagger if I heard his house flooded. No shade, just saying, if they snap their fingers their food pantry is full within hours :) They did not flood, but they amassed their army and have been very generously helping other shelters with food, equipment, rescue, fosters, etc.