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St Louis's Central Library

I've gone back and forth with myself over the past few months on whether a library is something people would be interested in as a blog topic. This week, I am here for 2 hours every day while Lilly is in day camp, and I've had lots of time to explore and take photographs. Let me tell you, whether you are from St Louis or not, if you have never been inside Central Library, or if you have not been inside since the massive renovation 10 years ago, you really must make time. I think it must be one of the most beautiful libraries in the entire world. If you're looking for a quiet place to work or study, there is room after room of study tables with power. Some tend to attract more people than others, but I have found the Art History room to be silent as a tomb this morning. The third floor is like a treasure vault of St Louis and Missouri history, as well as rare books and a genealogy library. Down in the basement, you will find an enormous childrens room and teen hub, DVDs and CDs, and digital makerspace called Creative Experience.

The wildest coincidence happened while I was putting this blog together. When I was deciding which room to work in today, I almost skipped the Art and Architecture room because it's small and off the lobby, so I thought it would be noisy. Before I left, it popped into my head that at least one of my late uncle Andrew's books would be in this room, and I found Trova in the reference cabinet. I paged through it for a bit and then got out my laptop, leaving the book on the table for reshelving. Twenty minutes later, I hear a guy talking to the librarian and he said, "He was a sculptor from St Louis, he died about 10 years ago." TROVA. That guy was looking for this book! I've been through this room every day this week, and the day that it occurs to me to look for this book is the same day someone else is looking for it. I'm at a loss for words. It was just really cool.

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