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Living without a full kitchen has been the longest month of my life, and we still probably have another month to go. It's worse for Francis, as he has been the one doing dishes in the tub (bless him). We are getting closer, though, and should at least one piece of the countertop next weekend so I can look at it with the cabinets in our house, and decide what kind of flooring I want. Then we can really get into demo, new floor, and assembling cabinets while we wait for the things that are on backorder. Most of our meals right now are charcuterie style. Today we picked up a round robin fondue set at Savers for a little treat! Two of our top meals from the past week: Mariachis II, and Dewey's Pizza. Hard to believe it took us this long to eat at Deweys. The Edgar Allen Poe pizza is so good! Mariachis II is a comfort food favorite in our neighborhood, perfect for when you just want someone to bring you a drink and a hot plate.

Lilly and I will be at Walt Disney World this coming week, but Francis will be manning our table for First Friday at the St Louis Science Center. Lilly said she would rather go to First Friday. Such is the life of a travel agent's kid. To be fair, we do REALLY love the Science Center, she's really into Marvel comics right now, and this month's theme is Black Panther. This month we bought a button press, so we can always have the geek goods that are on theme. I'm obsessed with fabric buttons right now!

Yesterday we went to the Great Train Show for the first time, and I'm shocked we walked out of there empty handed! We all love a model train layout, but the coolest thing of all is that they had a vintage Hodges hand car ride! This is probably from the 1940s or 1950s and is still in great shape. The people running this ride looked like they were having an absolutely blast, with every kid treated like they were the first and most delightful to ride that day.

Back next week with a Disney report! We're staying at the Contemporary for the first time, which has been a dream since the first time I rode the monorail in 1986!

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