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The One Where We Start Minecraft

I asked Lilly what was exciting about this week, and her contribution is Minecraft! This wouldn't surprise anyone who has been within 5 feet of a child in the last 10 years, but it's new for her. We did a mid-year history curriculum switch from History Quest to Curiosity Chronicles because History Quest just wasn't catching with her. I truly like both curriculums myself, so I don't want to compare them unfavorably. I will just say, CC has a more creative selection of books to go with it, plus the Minecraft lessons. I didn't know how we were going to handle that because she never really got into it, but it turns out peaceful, creative mode is her jam. The weekly lessons for CC involve building something, like a primitive shelter (that's as far as we have gotten so far) and once that lesson is done, she's off to explore with no monster stress and no surprises. We're off to Walt Disney World in a couple of weeks, so my travel planning this week has been getting my own shit together. We had the resort booked, but this week I finally ordered tickets, booked flights, and a rental car. Travel agents are their own worst clients. Dining reservations have become something of a sport, so part of me feels like I’m failing for having nothing booked, but part of me wants to show people that these dining reservations do not make or break a trip. We're also staying at Club Level, so that has food included. Lil lives on snacks anyway, and the Epcot Festival of the Arts is our main priority for this trip. All she can talk about is the giant cookie that comes with frosting that you can paint on, so I think we're good. I'm also working my way through Princess Cruises training right now. My big goal for the year is to finish my CLIA Accredited Cruise Counselor certification, and for that I need to sail on 2 different cruise lines. I have Disney covered, and picked Princess for #2 because they are so highly respected for Alaska. Disney is great for Alaska, too, but if you want to go to Glacier Bay, Princess is where it's at. Plus they have a partnership with the Discovery Channel, so there are lots of educational opportunities there! I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the month. 15 training modules to go! In a throwback to Craves, Caves, & Graves group outings to Emperor's Palace, Francis had a real hankering for a buffet this week, so we decided to check out Hokkaido on South Lindbergh. It's like Asian buffet meets Golden Corral. They certainly had a lot of options on the buffet, and the restaurant is honestly really nice looking, like the old River City Casino buffet. It wasn't knock your socks off quality, but it certainly scratched an itch! And finally in news of the week, we got a button press! I wish I would have discovered this 25 years ago when I was a teenage punk, I would have made a mint. Today, we're using it to make sure we have more "on theme" items for First Friday, and to add some more things to the podcast shop. Lil and I practiced with scrapbook paper this weekend.

I'm waiting for my turn at the library for the next book in a couple different series, and in the meantime I can't seem to land on anything. I'm halfway through The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell, started Lies My Teacher Told Me, and picked up Neil Patrick Harris's Choose Your Own Autobiography (but haven't opened it yet). I also started Eva Gate's Lighthouse Library series, because I have enjoyed her other books written under her true name, Vicki Delaney. But the first book in this series is about Jane Austen books, so then I picked up Sense & Sensibility as well. This week, my goal is to get my head on straight and finish something!

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