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15 min at a time

Sunday Roundup Week 2 and I already regret using Wix for this after the umpteenth time of losing a draft. If you want to get back to blogging, take note, wix blogging editor is unreliable. Since I don't have time to retype everything, but I'm still doing my best to be consistent this year, I'll stick to highlights.

On the topic of consistency, I set a goal for myself to watch one professional development video every day, and I'm very proud to say that I stuck with it all week! Some days I do more, like spending several hours renewing my Universal Orlando Theme Parks certification. Other days just one video, like learning to use my CRM a little better. It's pretty exciting to think about how much I can learn in a year with the Duolingo "15 minutes a day" strategy. Which reminds me I need to squeeze in a French lesson before the day is over.... Yesterday we finally made it to Central Library for America’s Monsters, Superheroes, and Villains: Our Culture at Play exhibit in the main hall. It's a fun, free little exhibit that won't take up more than an hour of your day, and covers everything from sci fi pop culture to graphic novels and comic books. All three of us ended up checking out graphic novels from the library before we left. It's not to be missed if you're a pop culture collector. You have one more week to catch it!

Our kitchen disaster is making slow but steady progress. Last week I dumped a ton of time into filling out all of Lowes paperwork for a kitchen consultation, even drawing my own floorplans, and was stood up by the designer. I agreed to an appointment time and then never heard another word from anyone, and still haven't. IKEA, meanwhile, is an absolute dream to work with, and their online kitchen planner is not perfect but is miles ahead of what anyone else offers. Last night we sat down to choose applianaces, and made the bold decision not to sacrifice storage for an oven. Everyone wants to say, "resale! baking!" Whatever, we can do everything we want with a upscale toaster oven, and if we do ever move I will just swap a cabinet out for an oven. At the end of the day I just could not stomach paying $5000 for what it would take to move our stove from the stupid corner it's in now. I'm actually pretty excited about the energy savings in the summer, not heating up the whole house because we want frozen taquitos for lunch.

Meanwhile, the pantry is done! I wish someone had told me I could just install cabinet slide-outs in a pantry a long time ago. We moved a shelf down, and mounting that middle slideout at the back of the shelf gives us a prep station of sorts.

I was going to share a travel/homeschool update this week but we're still working out some travel plans, and it took a little longer than I thought to get everything we needed for the history curriculum I want to rave about. That may be its own post later this week. The next house project is setting up a grow station in my office that is safe from cats. I thought I would use a 2nd desk for mailing, but that hasn't been necessary, so the closet is getting grow lights. Time to drool over the Baker Creek catalog! This year, I want our garden to be more intentional and useful than it has been in the past. Our CCSA has taught me to cook more vegetables, so I want more variety than tomatoes and peppers in our gardens. Maybe this year we will finally see cherries, too! What are you growing this year?

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