Walk Through the CSA Process With Me!

I'm not shy about letting people know I have anxiety, and I put off joining a CSA for a long time because it was unfamiliar. We have been members of FairShares CCSA for about 18 months now, and they are looking for new members, so I thought I would walk you through how it works! If I leave anything out, please feel free to ask me the smallest details. I get it! Step one, join on the website. You can pick a weekly share for $52, a half share (every other week) for $56, or a mini (weekly) for $36. We get a half share, every other Thursday. You pay $50 to join the CSA, and then you load your account with a minimum of $150 (there are bonuses if you load your account with $1000+). Your weekly (or half) share comes out of that account, along with anything you want to add on. We do a half share because the pickup is a drive we have to plan for, but we always shop from the store as well. On Tuesday, you get an email that has recipes and news, and a list of our share for the week. This email also has detailed instructions on how to submit your order (including video)! Part of the share is produce, and is fixed, while part of it is more like packaged things, and can be traded. This was something that surprised me when we joined because I just expected produce, but there are many local makers in the CSA (you'll recognize most of them if you ever go to Tower Grove Farmers Market) and you can get all kinds of groceries. This week our produce share was kale, pickling cucumbers, bulb onions, zucchini, beets with tops, and blackberries. Our "trades" were ground chicken, Greek yogurt, Ozark Forest Mushrooms, and Eggs. When I went to place my order, I traded out the chicken and yogurt, kept the mushrooms (oyster) and eggs, and added blueberries, peaches, milk, 2 Dogtown pizzas, a bag of Hacienda tortilla chips, bagels, and fry bread from Field to Fire. Total bill (weekly share + extras): about $100. Some weeks we just spend the share amount or a few dollars more, but this week we decided to start paying a little more for local milk. When you make your trades/do your shopping, you also add a pickup time to your cart. They have 3 pick up locations, one at Kingshighway and 44, one in Kirkwood, and one in U City. We pick up at the "Mothership", which is Kingshighway and 44, which is a little tricky to find so if you choose that option and are nervous about finding it, just send me a message. Does this cost more than Schnucks or Trader Joes or Aldi? Yes. But a lot comes from right here in St Louis, and all of it comes from either Missouri or Illinois. I know money is tight for a lot of people right now, but if you have the means, buying your food locally is not just lessening your environmental impact, it's helping you connect to your neighbors as well. The best thing we can do right now is engage in mutual aid. Please consider joining your local CSA, and specifically Fair Shares if you're in St Louis!