Wax Wednesday - Huntington Home

#IYKYK Yep, I'm talking about Aldi candles today! I am long overdue for this review, as I bought several of the holiday seasonal wax tarts and a 3 wick candle, which I loved, especially the Apple Cider Donut wax tart. But TODAY I have to tell you to run, don't walk, to your nearest Aldi for this freakin' gigantic 7 wick candle!

Yes, it's $25, but it's so pretty and the Juniper & Sage scent is DIVINE! It's the perfect snow day candle. For the wax aficionados out there, Huntington Home uses a soy blend wax, which has a great throw and even burn. Multiple wicks can often mean that a candle burns very fast and hot, and I expect this will be the same, but the 7 wicks just look so cool. #waxwednesday