YodaGuy Movie Exhibit

We just returned from a Star Wars Day at Sea Disney Cruise to St Maarten, St Thomas, and Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. We have cruised many times with Disney, but this was our first 7 Night cruise, and I STILL felt like we didn't have enough time to get to everything on the ship! I'll get to the details of the cruise, and more about Star Wars Day at Sea, later this week.

Today I want to tell you about this fantastic little museum in St Maarten that I learned about RIGHT before the cruise, and I'm so happy I did! Nick Maley is a creature effects artist who was part of the team that created Yoda and many other creatures for the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as work on more than 50 other movies. The museum is full of memorabilia from his career and thi

ngs he collected from other artists, and the gift shop is full of artwork that is for sale. It's an incredible collection to find in the middle of the Caribbean! The museum reminded me so much of the old Movie & Magic Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, which is no longer around but inspired my love of homegrown, DIY museums when I was in high school. I just LOVE a private collection assembled with pride. My favorite part of this museum was a display with a little video screen playing Nick's own personal advice for young people, telling to follow their dreams and not to listen to people who say they can't.

My second favorite part was the thrill of looking right into the scary holes of a Tusken Raider, the stuff of childhood nightmares. *shiver*

The museum itself is a nonprofit and has been hit hard by COVID. Our cruise was the first Disney ship to return to St Maarten, and they really rely on the cruise ship passengers to stay afloat. To learn more, and support Nick's mission, check out the Follow Your Star Foundation on Patreon. And if you'd like to visit by way of a future Disney cruise to the Eastern Caribbean, fill out my form here!